Arthur W. Dow Biography

Arthur Wesley Dow was a painter, printmaker, and writer, much influenced by Japanese art. Although known as mentor to Georgia O'Keeffe and Max Weber, Dow's legacy as a proponent of modern art has often been neglected.

"One of the most important painters and teachers at the turn of the century. Trained in France, he was a painter of conventional landscapes in a Barbizon style up until 1891. That year, a book of Hokusai's prints led him to Ernest Fenollosa, curator of Japanese art at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, from whom he gained a thorough understanding of Japanese composition. His ability to combine the two traditions brought him critical acclaim…Dow designed…the most original and beautifully printed poster of the decade, a triumph of lithographic printing by Boston's Louis Prang and company (for the magazine 'Modern Art'). (Lauder p.186)