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Artist: Leo Anchoriz
Title: Boxing (2 boxers)
Inventory #: TVP0201

Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Austria
Inventory #: TVP0113


Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Catch Duval - Soissons
Inventory #: TVP0390

Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Ski Sun Valley
Inventory #: TVP0191


Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: SLET
Inventory #: TVP0152

Artist: Horst Antes
Title: Olympische Spiele Munchen 1972
Inventory #: 11221


Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Societe Francaise des Munitions
Inventory #: TVP201

Artist: Pierre Commarmond
Title: Combloux Golfing Mt. Blanc
Inventory #: TVP200


Artist: de Neurac
Title: Superbagneres
Inventory #: ds-le019

Artist: Goller
Title: Dresden Golf links
Inventory #: ds-0078


Artist: Adolpho Hohenstein
Title: Germany IV Olympic Winter Games
Inventory #: TVP0549

Artist: Latini
Title: Politeama Garibaldi - Boxing
Inventory #: TVP0387

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