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Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Bette Davis Now Voyager
Inventory #: 1504

Artist: Otto Anton
Title: To East Africa by German African Lines
Inventory #: TVP0360


Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Olio Radino
Inventory #: TVP0183

Artist: Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre
Title: Venezia (Venice)
Inventory #: TVP0329


Artist: James Montgomery Flagg
Title: I Want You (Uncle Sam)
Inventory #: TVP0321

Artist: Hans Kaufmann
Title: Prinz Heinrich Flug 1914
Inventory #: ds-0082


Artist: Henri Le Monnier
Title: Cordial Medoc
Inventory #: TVP0016

Artist: Maurice Lorand
Title: Delmonte
Inventory #: ds-0081


Artist: D. Newsome
Title: Agra
Inventory #: TVP0050

Artist: M Ponty
Title: Navigation Paquet
Inventory #: 11085


Artist: Roger Soubie
Title: Butterfield 8
Inventory #: TVP0019

Artist: I. Stall
Title: Herpin
Inventory #: TVP0335

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