New Acquisitions

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Leopoldo Metlicovitz, Impermeabili Moretti
Artist: Leopoldo Metlicovitz
Title: Impermeabili Moretti
Inventory #: 13668

Herman Miller, Picnic
Artist: Herman Miller
Title: Picnic
Inventory #: 13742

Bruce Moore, U. S. Marines - Soldiers of the Sea
Artist: Bruce Moore
Title: U. S. Marines - Soldiers of the Sea
Inventory #: 13734


Rene Peron, Of Mice and Men
Artist: Rene Peron
Title: Of Mice and Men
Inventory #: 13718

Woody Pertle, Simpson Printed Paper Contest
Artist: Woody Pertle
Title: Simpson Printed Paper Contest
Inventory #: 13606

Robys, Spontex
Artist: Robys
Title: Spontex
Inventory #: 13692


Victor Rutz, Vevey Fete des Vignerons
Artist: Victor Rutz
Title: Vevey Fete des Vignerons
Inventory #: 13639

Signed, Travel in Italy (Bell Tower)
Artist: Signed
Title: Travel in Italy (Bell Tower)
Inventory #: 13747

Signed, Travel in Italy (Doves)
Artist: Signed
Title: Travel in Italy (Doves)
Inventory #: 13716


Susan Silton, Shadow Puppet Strings
Artist: Susan Silton
Title: Shadow Puppet Strings
Inventory #: 13577

Roger Soubie, Lolita
Artist: Roger Soubie
Title: Lolita
Inventory #: 13653

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, Steinlen Retrospective
Artist: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Title: Steinlen Retrospective
Inventory #: 13735

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