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E. J. Kealey, Fall In Answer Now
Artist: E. J. Kealey
Title: Fall In Answer Now
Inventory #: 13473

Robert (Bob) Kinyon, San Diego (Home Federal)
Artist: Robert (Bob) Kinyon
Title: San Diego (Home Federal)
Inventory #: 13459

Krailing, Int. Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft '83
Artist: Krailing
Title: Int. Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft '83
Inventory #: P0164


Bernard Leemker, Tipsy (Billards) (Pool)
Artist: Bernard Leemker
Title: Tipsy (Billards) (Pool)
Inventory #: 12373

Joseph Christian Leyendecker,
Artist: Joseph Christian Leyendecker
Title: "Soldiers of the Sea "U.S. Marines
Inventory #: 13492

Loweree, Mexico American Airlines
Artist: Loweree
Title: Mexico American Airlines
Inventory #: 12303


Fred Ludekun, Arizona American Airlines
Artist: Fred Ludekun
Title: Arizona American Airlines
Inventory #: 10723

Mike Machat, Republic-XR12-Rainbow
Artist: Mike Machat
Title: Republic-XR12-Rainbow
Inventory #: 13552

Georges Mathieu, Greece (English version)
Artist: Georges Mathieu
Title: Greece (English version)
Inventory #: 13453


Hubert Mathieu, Lourdes Teleferique du Beout
Artist: Hubert Mathieu
Title: Lourdes Teleferique du Beout
Inventory #: 13540

Henri Matisse, Vegetaux
Artist: Henri Matisse
Title: Vegetaux
Inventory #: 13026

Vince McIndoe, Moet Couple (Large format)
Artist: Vince McIndoe
Title: Moet Couple (Large format)
Inventory #: 13534

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