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Leonetto Cappiello, Contratto
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Contratto
Inventory #: 14101

Leonetto Cappiello, Fernet Branca
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Fernet Branca
Inventory #: 13861

Leonetto Cappiello, Le Fusil Darne
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Le Fusil Darne
Inventory #: 14108


Alain Carrier, Galerie Du Claridge
Artist: Alain Carrier
Title: Galerie Du Claridge
Inventory #: 14151

Andreas Cellarius, Map - Zodiacs
Artist: Andreas Cellarius
Title: Map - Zodiacs
Inventory #: 14077

Roger Jean L. Chancel, Le Clown Amoureux
Artist: Roger Jean L. Chancel
Title: Le Clown Amoureux
Inventory #: 14149


H. B. Christian, Paradise of the Pacific
Artist: H. B. Christian
Title: Paradise of the Pacific
Inventory #: 14093

Howard Chandler Christy, Will Rogers Memorial Fund
Artist: Howard Chandler Christy
Title: Will Rogers Memorial Fund
Inventory #: 14097

Jean Colin, A l'Opera, 78th Bal de 1
Artist: Jean Colin
Title: A l'Opera, 78th Bal de 1"X
Inventory #: 13859


Edgar Dambacher, Interserie 1972 Gesamtklassement Porsche
Artist: Edgar Dambacher
Title: Interserie 1972 Gesamtklassement Porsche
Inventory #: P0188

Georges Dorival, Venise
Artist: Georges Dorival
Title: Venise
Inventory #: 14098

Earle Duff, Seattle World's Fair
Artist: Earle Duff
Title: Seattle World's Fair
Inventory #: 14052a

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