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Leon Dupin, Moutarde Amora (Mustard)
Artist: Leon Dupin
Title: Moutarde Amora (Mustard)
Inventory #: 11280

Eric, Sirops Cazanove Qualite
Artist: Eric
Title: Sirops Cazanove Qualite
Inventory #: 11076

Leo Faller, Mit der Deutschen BUNDESBAHN
Artist: Leo Faller
Title: Mit der Deutschen BUNDESBAHN
Inventory #: 12937


Hy Fournier, Conserves
Artist: Hy Fournier
Title: Conserves "LE SOLEIL"
Inventory #: 11213

Emm. Gaillard, Le  Paysan
Artist: Emm. Gaillard
Title: Le Paysan
Inventory #: 11845

Julian Key, Lait = Sante
Artist: Julian Key
Title: Lait = Sante
Inventory #: 12091


Luciano Achille Mauzan, Bertozzi
Artist: Luciano Achille Mauzan
Title: Bertozzi
Inventory #: 8130

Paul Gustave Mohr, Cafes Makli
Artist: Paul Gustave Mohr
Title: Cafes Makli
Inventory #: 12363

Pecavy, Jurassic Gruyere Extra
Artist: Pecavy
Title: Jurassic Gruyere Extra
Inventory #: 11156


Prost, Lavocat aliments irradies
Artist: Prost
Title: Lavocat aliments irradies
Inventory #: 6202

Gian Rosa, Perino Torino Grapes
Artist: Gian Rosa
Title: Perino Torino Grapes
Inventory #: 6682

Gian Rosa, Perino Torino Oranges
Artist: Gian Rosa
Title: Perino Torino Oranges
Inventory #: 7560

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