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Luciano Achille Mauzan, Bertozzi Parma - French
Artist: Luciano Achille Mauzan
Title: Bertozzi Parma - French
Inventory #: 13848

Paul Gustave Mohr, Cafes Makli
Artist: Paul Gustave Mohr
Title: Cafes Makli
Inventory #: 12363

Prost, Lavocat aliments irradies
Artist: Prost
Title: Lavocat aliments irradies
Inventory #: 6202


Gian Rosa, Perino Torino Grapes
Artist: Gian Rosa
Title: Perino Torino Grapes
Inventory #: 6682

Gian Rosa, Perino Torino Oranges
Artist: Gian Rosa
Title: Perino Torino Oranges
Inventory #: 7560

M. Stéphane, Comptoir Francais De L'Azote
Artist: M. Stéphane
Title: Comptoir Francais De L'Azote
Inventory #: 10875

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