Les Affiches Etrangeres

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Dudley Hardy, To-Day   (Today)
Artist: Dudley Hardy
Title: To-Day (Today)
Inventory #: 8998

Thomas Theodor Heine, Simplicissimus
Artist: Thomas Theodor Heine
Title: Simplicissimus
Inventory #: 8991

Fernand Khnopff, VIII Exposition
Artist: Fernand Khnopff
Title: VIII Exposition
Inventory #: 8944


Henri Meunier, Concerts Ysaye
Artist: Henri Meunier
Title: Concerts Ysaye
Inventory #: 8951

V Mignot, Kermesse de Bruxelles
Artist: V Mignot
Title: Kermesse de Bruxelles
Inventory #: LAE0008

V Mignot, Le Cenacle
Artist: V Mignot
Title: Le Cenacle
Inventory #: 8974


A Morrow, Comedy Theatre London
Artist: A Morrow
Title: Comedy Theatre London
Inventory #: 8950

Francis Nys, Anvers- Bruxelles Expo
Artist: Francis Nys
Title: Anvers- Bruxelles Expo
Inventory #: 8918

Orlik, V.D.B.K.iB.
Artist: Orlik
Title: V.D.B.K.iB.
Inventory #: LAE0015


Henri Ottevaere, Pour L 'Art- Green/Yellow
Artist: Henri Ottevaere
Title: Pour L 'Art- Green/Yellow
Inventory #: 8986

Edward Penfield, Harper's February
Artist: Edward Penfield
Title: Harper's February
Inventory #: 8957

Edward Penfield, Harpers May
Artist: Edward Penfield
Title: Harpers May
Inventory #: 8965

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