Magazine Covers and Posters

Prints Per Page:

illegible, Collier's April 22, 1933
Artist: illegible
Title: Collier's April 22, 1933
Inventory #: 13892

illegible, Eagle Dancer
Artist: illegible
Title: Eagle Dancer
Inventory #: 13086

illegible, Indian Chant
Artist: illegible
Title: Indian Chant
Inventory #: 13085


illegible, Life Air Ship Number
Artist: illegible
Title: Life Air Ship Number
Inventory #: 10787

illegible, Navajo Shepherdess
Artist: illegible
Title: Navajo Shepherdess
Inventory #: 13087

illegible, Navajo Woman
Artist: illegible
Title: Navajo Woman
Inventory #: 13084


illegible, The Quadri The Largest Color Plant in the Seas
Artist: illegible
Title: The Quadri The Largest Color Plant in the Seas
Inventory #: 10298

Henry Koerner, The Saturday Evening Post
Artist: Henry Koerner
Title: The Saturday Evening Post
Inventory #: 13891

Lana, Le Vie D'Italia- Shell, Boat Race
Artist: Lana
Title: Le Vie D'Italia- Shell, Boat Race
Inventory #: 4559


Maga, Lampo Benzina Superiore
Artist: Maga
Title: Lampo Benzina Superiore
Inventory #: 12534

G. Maggiani, Lana Gatto- Flowers
Artist: G. Maggiani
Title: Lana Gatto- Flowers
Inventory #: 8430

Gian Emilio Malerba, Circuito Aereo Int'l Milano
Artist: Gian Emilio Malerba
Title: Circuito Aereo Int'l Milano
Inventory #: 12555

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