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Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre, Nord Magazine
Artist: Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre
Title: Nord Magazine
Inventory #: 12591

Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre, Occident
Artist: Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre
Title: Occident
Inventory #: 12476

H. B. Christian, Paradise of the Pacific
Artist: H. B. Christian
Title: Paradise of the Pacific
Inventory #: 14093


Plinio Codognato, Lana Gatto (Birds)
Artist: Plinio Codognato
Title: Lana Gatto (Birds)
Inventory #: 12573

Bradshaw Crandall, Cosmopolitan April
Artist: Bradshaw Crandall
Title: Cosmopolitan April
Inventory #: 7755

Bradshaw Crandall, Cosmopolitan June
Artist: Bradshaw Crandall
Title: Cosmopolitan June
Inventory #: 7757


Dalmonte, Ars et Labor (Piano)
Artist: Dalmonte
Title: Ars et Labor (Piano)
Inventory #: 7539

Floyd Davis, Two Cowgirls & a Lasso
Artist: Floyd Davis
Title: Two Cowgirls & a Lasso
Inventory #: 6753

Marcello Dudovich, Proton- Man
Artist: Marcello Dudovich
Title: Proton- Man
Inventory #: 7206


M. DuDovich, Vermouth Martini & Rossi
Artist: M. DuDovich
Title: Vermouth Martini & Rossi
Inventory #: 12494

Adolph Heinze, Navajo Country
Artist: Adolph Heinze
Title: Navajo Country
Inventory #: 13083

Henry Hutt, Life Book Number
Artist: Henry Hutt
Title: Life Book Number
Inventory #: 10783

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