Les Maitres

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Arm Franquinet, Josue - Oeuvre des Convalescents
Artist: Arm Franquinet
Title: Josue - Oeuvre des Convalescents
Inventory #: 8932

Leo Gausson, Lessive Figaro
Artist: Leo Gausson
Title: Lessive Figaro
Inventory #: 6936

Henri Gerbault, Chocolat Carpentier
Artist: Henri Gerbault
Title: Chocolat Carpentier
Inventory #: 7693


Fernand-Louis Gottlob, Exposition des Peintres Lithographes
Artist: Fernand-Louis Gottlob
Title: Exposition des Peintres Lithographes
Inventory #: 6942

Eugene Grasset, A La Place Clichy
Artist: Eugene Grasset
Title: A La Place Clichy
Inventory #: 6838

Eugene Grasset, Encre L. Marquet
Artist: Eugene Grasset
Title: Encre L. Marquet
Inventory #: 9243


Eugene Grasset, Librairie Romantique
Artist: Eugene Grasset
Title: Librairie Romantique
Inventory #: 7881

Eugene Grasset, New Life of Napoleon
Artist: Eugene Grasset
Title: New Life of Napoleon
Inventory #: 7700

Maurice Greiffenhagen, Pall Mall Budget PL. 24 Maitre
Artist: Maurice Greiffenhagen
Title: Pall Mall Budget PL. 24 Maitre
Inventory #: 7423


Albert Guillaume, Ambigu Comique Gigolette
Artist: Albert Guillaume
Title: Ambigu Comique Gigolette
Inventory #: 1798

Gysis, Monaco Di Baviera 1895
Artist: Gysis
Title: Monaco Di Baviera 1895
Inventory #: 8934

Dudley Hardy, The Chieftain Pl. 48
Artist: Dudley Hardy
Title: The Chieftain Pl. 48
Inventory #: 7887

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