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Fernand Leger, Musee de Lyon
Artist: Fernand Leger
Title: Musee de Lyon
Inventory #: 8244

Roy Lichtenstein, The Red Horse Man
Artist: Roy Lichtenstein
Title: The Red Horse Man
Inventory #: 12108

David Scott Meier, Pageant of the Masters Hidden Treasure
Artist: David Scott Meier
Title: Pageant of the Masters Hidden Treasure
Inventory #: PM0031


Conger Metcalf, Conger Metcalf
Artist: Conger Metcalf
Title: Conger Metcalf
Inventory #: 11739

Herman Miller, Picnic
Artist: Herman Miller
Title: Picnic
Inventory #: 13742

Joan Miro, Galerie Maeght Sobreteixims
Artist: Joan Miro
Title: Galerie Maeght Sobreteixims
Inventory #: 2667


Joan Miro, Oeuvres Recentes
Artist: Joan Miro
Title: Oeuvres Recentes
Inventory #: 8248

Joan Miro, Terres de Grand Feu
Artist: Joan Miro
Title: Terres de Grand Feu
Inventory #: 8249

Herve Morvan, Foire Internationale De Lyon
Artist: Herve Morvan
Title: Foire Internationale De Lyon
Inventory #: 9769


James Norman, James Norman - The Opening Gallery
Artist: James Norman
Title: James Norman - The Opening Gallery
Inventory #: 11732

Andrzej Pagowski, Swierzy Expo Poster
Artist: Andrzej Pagowski
Title: Swierzy Expo Poster
Inventory #: 5111

Woody Pertle, Simpson Printed Paper Contest
Artist: Woody Pertle
Title: Simpson Printed Paper Contest
Inventory #: 13606

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