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Milton Glaser, Glaser at Art Center
Artist: Milton Glaser
Title: Glaser at Art Center
Inventory #: 13583

David Lance Goines, International House
Artist: David Lance Goines
Title: International House
Inventory #: 10111

Arwed Gorella, Arwed D. Gorella
Artist: Arwed Gorella
Title: Arwed D. Gorella
Inventory #: 10886


Mieczyslaw Gorowski, T. Lautrec
Artist: Mieczyslaw Gorowski
Title: T. Lautrec
Inventory #: 1617

Keith Haring, Theater der Welt - 85
Artist: Keith Haring
Title: Theater der Welt - 85
Inventory #: 8868

P. Helleu, Ed. Sagot
Artist: P. Helleu
Title: Ed. Sagot
Inventory #: 7296


Henze, August Osterrith
Artist: Henze
Title: August Osterrith
Inventory #: 12523

illegible, Salon de la Industria Cinematografica
Artist: illegible
Title: Salon de la Industria Cinematografica
Inventory #: 13805

Arata Isozaki, Museum of Contemporary  Art - L.A.
Artist: Arata Isozaki
Title: Museum of Contemporary Art - L.A.
Inventory #: 11617


Paul Jenkins, Metamorphosis
Artist: Paul Jenkins
Title: Metamorphosis
Inventory #: 11740

Jou Diou, Le Souffle C'est la vie
Artist: Jou Diou
Title: Le Souffle C'est la vie
Inventory #: 13111

Eric Kellenberger, La Femme S'Affiche
Artist: Eric Kellenberger
Title: La Femme S'Affiche
Inventory #: 4228

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