Kitchen / Bath

Prints Per Page:

Bakisfigus, ODOL with Woman in Dress
Artist: Bakisfigus
Title: ODOL with Woman in Dress
Inventory #: 3705

Jacques & Pierre Bellenger, Tournus Aluminium
Artist: Jacques & Pierre Bellenger
Title: Tournus Aluminium
Inventory #: 11157

G. Bessis, Cafe San Paulo
Artist: G. Bessis
Title: Cafe San Paulo
Inventory #: 13546


Gino Boccasile, Baby in Bidet
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Baby in Bidet
Inventory #: 4996

Gino Boccasile, Adani A Sole d'Itlaia
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Adani A Sole d'Itlaia
Inventory #: 3264

Gino Boccasile, Paglieri
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Paglieri
Inventory #: 2803


Gino Boccasile, Talco Paglieri
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Talco Paglieri
Inventory #: 3424

Gino Boccasile, Zapparoli
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Zapparoli
Inventory #: 3280

Firmin Bouisset, Lu Lu Lefevre - Utile
Artist: Firmin Bouisset
Title: Lu Lu Lefevre - Utile
Inventory #: 14103


Leonetto Cappiello, Cachou Lajaunie
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Cachou Lajaunie
Inventory #: 14017

Jules Cheret, Saxoleine
Artist: Jules Cheret
Title: Saxoleine
Inventory #: 8600

Pierre Collet, Le Soleil  Veritable Roquefort
Artist: Pierre Collet
Title: Le Soleil Veritable Roquefort
Inventory #: 12966

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