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Arturo Ballester, Plaza de Toros Monumental
Artist: Arturo Ballester
Title: Plaza de Toros Monumental
Inventory #: 10964

Borpheresi, Monte-Carlo Country-Club
Artist: Borpheresi
Title: Monte-Carlo Country-Club
Inventory #: 13114

Roger Broders, Les Sports d'Hiver St. Pierre de Chartreuse
Artist: Roger Broders
Title: Les Sports d'Hiver St. Pierre de Chartreuse
Inventory #: 10599


Alexey Brodovitch, Tout Pour Le Sport Madeios
Artist: Alexey Brodovitch
Title: Tout Pour Le Sport Madeios
Inventory #: 13173

Michael Childers, The Hockney Swimmer
Artist: Michael Childers
Title: The Hockney Swimmer
Inventory #: 13220

Clare, Hornusser Fest
Artist: Clare
Title: Hornusser Fest
Inventory #: No-1508


Paul Colin, Serge Lifar
Artist: Paul Colin
Title: Serge Lifar
Inventory #: 5347

Efff D'Hey, Skating
Artist: Efff D'Hey
Title: Skating
Inventory #: 10379

Dubois, Join the Sun on a Ski-Run
Artist: Dubois
Title: Join the Sun on a Ski-Run
Inventory #: 7020


G. Fryda, St. Paul de Vence
Artist: G. Fryda
Title: St. Paul de Vence
Inventory #: 4223

M. Fucci, Tira Al Piccione - Roma
Artist: M. Fucci
Title: Tira Al Piccione - Roma
Inventory #: 2889

C Guion, Tennis Club Bray Dunes
Artist: C Guion
Title: Tennis Club Bray Dunes
Inventory #: 10513

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