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Charles H Boyle, The Star Boarder
Artist: Charles H Boyle
Title: The Star Boarder
Inventory #: 12023

Pierre Laurent Brenot, Allez Lido!
Artist: Pierre Laurent Brenot
Title: Allez Lido!
Inventory #: 13439

E Buval, Droit D' Ainesse (The Birthright) Opera
Artist: E Buval
Title: Droit D' Ainesse (The Birthright) Opera
Inventory #: 13806


Leonetto Cappiello, Jeanne Granier
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Jeanne Granier
Inventory #: 10499

Alfred Choubrac, Irene Menry
Artist: Alfred Choubrac
Title: Irene Menry
Inventory #: 8087

Paul Colin, Un Homme Dans la Ville
Artist: Paul Colin
Title: Un Homme Dans la Ville
Inventory #: 12475


Jerzy Czerniawski, Slaughter House
Artist: Jerzy Czerniawski
Title: Slaughter House
Inventory #: 4171

Dobieck, Spartacus - Ballett
Artist: Dobieck
Title: Spartacus - Ballett
Inventory #: 3097

Georges Dola, La Veuve Joyeuse
Artist: Georges Dola
Title: La Veuve Joyeuse
Inventory #: 8100


Georges Dola, Le Pays du Sourire
Artist: Georges Dola
Title: Le Pays du Sourire
Inventory #: 9841

Georges Dola, Princesse de Cirque
Artist: Georges Dola
Title: Princesse de Cirque
Inventory #: 11821

Maurice Dufrene, Rayon des Soieries
Artist: Maurice Dufrene
Title: Rayon des Soieries
Inventory #: 7061

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