War / Propaganda

Prints Per Page:

Pat Keely, Replace Guard
Artist: Pat Keely
Title: Replace Guard
Inventory #: 12789

Paul Langelle, L'Armee de L'Air
Artist: Paul Langelle
Title: L'Armee de L'Air
Inventory #: 13188

Auguste Leroux, 3e Emprunt
Artist: Auguste Leroux
Title: 3e Emprunt
Inventory #: 9218


Carmelo Lo Porto, Difendi L'Autonomia Vota
Artist: Carmelo Lo Porto
Title: Difendi L'Autonomia Vota
Inventory #: 4134

Corrado Mancioli, Marina Militare
Artist: Corrado Mancioli
Title: Marina Militare
Inventory #: 11920

David Stone Martin, Strong in the Strength in the Lord
Artist: David Stone Martin
Title: Strong in the Strength in the Lord
Inventory #: 5709


Mather & Company, This Way Out
Artist: Mather & Company
Title: This Way Out
Inventory #: 5838

Morley, Your Victory Garden
Artist: Morley
Title: Your Victory Garden
Inventory #: 6212

Alfred Everitt Orr, For Home and Country
Artist: Alfred Everitt Orr
Title: For Home and Country
Inventory #: 2652


Joseph Pennell, Provide the Sinew of War
Artist: Joseph Pennell
Title: Provide the Sinew of War
Inventory #: 11088

Henry Raleigh, Hunger
Artist: Henry Raleigh
Title: Hunger
Inventory #: 7658

Sidney H. Riesenberg, U. S. Marines Three in One Service
Artist: Sidney H. Riesenberg
Title: U. S. Marines Three in One Service
Inventory #: 10423

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