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Frank H. Desch, Julia
Artist: Frank H. Desch
Title: Julia
Inventory #: 4221

Frank H. Desch, Kate     Calendar
Artist: Frank H. Desch
Title: Kate Calendar
Inventory #: 4709

Albert Dorfi (Dorfinant), l'Alsacienne
Artist: Albert Dorfi (Dorfinant)
Title: l'Alsacienne
Inventory #: 9221


Duncan, Joyce (French Fashion)
Artist: Duncan
Title: Joyce (French Fashion)
Inventory #: 13478

Jean D'Ylen, Chaussures Bally
Artist: Jean D'Ylen
Title: Chaussures Bally
Inventory #: 14155

Jean D'Ylen, Filver (Horizonal Burgundy)
Artist: Jean D'Ylen
Title: Filver (Horizonal Burgundy)
Inventory #: 8525


Jean D'Ylen, Filver (Horizontal Red)
Artist: Jean D'Ylen
Title: Filver (Horizontal Red)
Inventory #: 8527

Harrison Fisher, The International Magazine Company
Artist: Harrison Fisher
Title: The International Magazine Company
Inventory #: 9322

Emile Folliette, Vetements Forchic
Artist: Emile Folliette
Title: Vetements Forchic
Inventory #: 11367


Title: Gourdant
Inventory #: 12301

Gallicelo, Le Corsets Sans Gêne
Artist: Gallicelo
Title: Le Corsets Sans Gêne
Inventory #: 10313

Alain Gauthier, Bally (Man)
Artist: Alain Gauthier
Title: Bally (Man)
Inventory #: 9788

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