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Anonymous Artists, United Colors Of Benetton Condoms
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: United Colors Of Benetton Condoms
Inventory #: 3251

Anonymous Artists, Vetements Conchon Quinelle
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Vetements Conchon Quinelle
Inventory #: 12978

Anonymous Artists, Woman and Child
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Woman and Child
Inventory #: 5970


Anonymous Artists, Xeryus de Givenchy (male torso)
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Xeryus de Givenchy (male torso)
Inventory #: 2170

Atlan, Joyce
Artist: Atlan
Title: Joyce
Inventory #: 14095

Jacques Auriac, Bally Shoes
Artist: Jacques Auriac
Title: Bally Shoes
Inventory #: 13889


Gino Boccasile, Bantam Pocket Hat
Artist: Gino Boccasile
Title: Bantam Pocket Hat
Inventory #: 5049

Michel Canetti, JOYCE
Artist: Michel Canetti
Title: JOYCE
Inventory #: 14152

Leonetto Cappiello, Mossant
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Mossant
Inventory #: 13260


Leonetto Cappiello, Aurore
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Aurore
Inventory #: 8177

Leonetto Cappiello, BALLY LYON
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Inventory #: 8631

Leonetto Cappiello, Parapluie Revel
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Parapluie Revel
Inventory #: No-1544

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