Magazine Covers and Posters

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C. Coles Phillips, Life Merry Xmas
Artist: C. Coles Phillips
Title: Life Merry Xmas
Inventory #: 10785

Frederico Seneca, Buitoni (Pasta)
Artist: Frederico Seneca
Title: Buitoni (Pasta)
Inventory #: 12553

Severo Pozzati Sepo, La Rumeur
Artist: Severo Pozzati Sepo
Title: La Rumeur
Inventory #: 12774


J. Clinton Shepherd, Colliers Feb. 24, 1934
Artist: J. Clinton Shepherd
Title: Colliers Feb. 24, 1934
Inventory #: 13890

Signed, Autombili Aquila Italiana
Artist: Signed
Title: Autombili Aquila Italiana
Inventory #: 12492

Signed, Brevzanti (Bicycle Brakes)
Artist: Signed
Title: Brevzanti (Bicycle Brakes)
Inventory #: 12581


Signed, Brolio Liquor (Le Vie d'Italia
Artist: Signed
Title: Brolio Liquor (Le Vie d'Italia
Inventory #: 12577

Signed, Cicli Stucchi (bicycle)
Artist: Signed
Title: Cicli Stucchi (bicycle)
Inventory #: 12536

Signed, Ercole Marelli & C. Milano
Artist: Signed
Title: Ercole Marelli & C. Milano
Inventory #: 12547


Signed, Livelgraf Touring Club
Artist: Signed
Title: Livelgraf Touring Club
Inventory #: 12505

Signed, Luigi de Giusti Padova
Artist: Signed
Title: Luigi de Giusti Padova
Inventory #: 12491

Signed, Shell Le Vie d'Italia
Artist: Signed
Title: Shell Le Vie d'Italia
Inventory #: 12544

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