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Leonetto Cappiello, Aux Trois Quartiers
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Aux Trois Quartiers
Inventory #: 14175

Leonetto Cappiello, Folies Bergere
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Folies Bergere
Inventory #: 5698

Jean Carlu, Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale
Artist: Jean Carlu
Title: Paris 1937 - Exposition Internationale
Inventory #: 1137


Marc Chagall, Peintures bibliques recentes
Artist: Marc Chagall
Title: Peintures bibliques recentes
Inventory #: 11738

Marc Chagall, Vence
Artist: Marc Chagall
Title: Vence
Inventory #: 8235

Jules Cheret, L'Andalouise
Artist: Jules Cheret
Title: L'Andalouise
Inventory #: 10449


Clint Clemens, Benny Goodmank's Clarinet
Artist: Clint Clemens
Title: Benny Goodmank's Clarinet
Inventory #: 13595

Robert Combas, a l'Arc Musee d'art Moderne
Artist: Robert Combas
Title: a l'Arc Musee d'art Moderne
Inventory #: 2669

Oscar Consee, 100 Jahre Claude Dornier
Artist: Oscar Consee
Title: 100 Jahre Claude Dornier
Inventory #: 10005


Michael Daniel, Smoke in the Mirror
Artist: Michael Daniel
Title: Smoke in the Mirror
Inventory #: 13576

Brian Davis, Long Beach Museum of Art
Artist: Brian Davis
Title: Long Beach Museum of Art
Inventory #: 11972

Jean Desaleux, Marine Nationale
Artist: Jean Desaleux
Title: Marine Nationale
Inventory #: 9606

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