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David Hockney, Munich 1972
Artist: David Hockney
Title: Munich 1972
Inventory #: 11258

David Johnston, Green Bay Packers
Artist: David Johnston
Title: Green Bay Packers
Inventory #: 13801

Melanie Taylor Kent, The Olympic Experience
Artist: Melanie Taylor Kent
Title: The Olympic Experience
Inventory #: 13673


R. B. Kitaj, Olympische Spiele Munchen
Artist: R. B. Kitaj
Title: Olympische Spiele Munchen
Inventory #: 9337

Joseph Christian Leyendecker, Discus Thrower
Artist: Joseph Christian Leyendecker
Title: Discus Thrower
Inventory #: 11362

Ruollo Lopes, Plaza de Toros de TOLEDO
Artist: Ruollo Lopes
Title: Plaza de Toros de TOLEDO
Inventory #: 12052


H Marion, Horse Jumping (Belgium)
Artist: H Marion
Title: Horse Jumping (Belgium)
Inventory #: 13609

Serge Mendjisky, Les Courses - Passage de la Haie
Artist: Serge Mendjisky
Title: Les Courses - Passage de la Haie
Inventory #: 13246

V. Morvan, Jeunesse Au Plein Air (Tennis)
Artist: V. Morvan
Title: Jeunesse Au Plein Air (Tennis)
Inventory #: 11398


Leroy Nieman, XXth Olympiad - Munich 72 Sketches
Artist: Leroy Nieman
Title: XXth Olympiad - Munich 72 Sketches
Inventory #: 10830

Robert Portefin, Sports Basques
Artist: Robert Portefin
Title: Sports Basques
Inventory #: 6201

G. Potier, RICARD Fishing
Artist: G. Potier
Title: RICARD Fishing
Inventory #: 6199

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