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Ludwig Hohlwein, Casa Nova Sigrid
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Casa Nova Sigrid
Inventory #: 10144

Ludwig Hohlwein, Casanova
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Casanova
Inventory #: 10203

Ludwig Hohlwein, Diegute Fest - Zigarre und Zigarette
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Diegute Fest - Zigarre und Zigarette
Inventory #: 10137


Ludwig Hohlwein, Gaba
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Gaba
Inventory #: 10150

Ludwig Hohlwein, Sulima
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Sulima
Inventory #: 10195

Laubi Hugo, Weber Menzeiken
Artist: Laubi Hugo
Title: Weber Menzeiken
Inventory #: 11083


illegible, Burger Stumpen seit 1864
Artist: illegible
Title: Burger Stumpen seit 1864
Inventory #: 9652

illegible, Grenzer Stumpen
Artist: illegible
Title: Grenzer Stumpen
Inventory #: 10877

David Klein, Spain via TWA
Artist: David Klein
Title: Spain via TWA
Inventory #: 11656


Longi, Macedonia Sigaretta
Artist: Longi
Title: Macedonia Sigaretta
Inventory #: 4635

Razzia, Gitanes
Artist: Razzia
Title: Gitanes
Inventory #: 6274

Signed, Cigare Havane Select
Artist: Signed
Title: Cigare Havane Select
Inventory #: 12099

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