War / Propaganda

Prints Per Page:

Norman Rockwell, Freedom of Worship (Large)
Artist: Norman Rockwell
Title: Freedom of Worship (Large)
Inventory #: 9213

Ruttan Ruttan, A wonderful Opprotunity For You
Artist: Ruttan Ruttan
Title: A wonderful Opprotunity For You
Inventory #: 8843

Signed, Comite Departemental d'Entr'aide
Artist: Signed
Title: Comite Departemental d'Entr'aide
Inventory #: 12206


Dan V. Smith, The Sesquicentennial Int'l Expo.
Artist: Dan V. Smith
Title: The Sesquicentennial Int'l Expo.
Inventory #: 11600

Whitman, Your Red Cross is at his side
Artist: Whitman
Title: Your Red Cross is at his side
Inventory #: 5716

Wilkinsons, Wanted- Fighting Dollars
Artist: Wilkinsons
Title: Wanted- Fighting Dollars
Inventory #: 9223


Newell Convers Wyeth, Join!
Artist: Newell Convers Wyeth
Title: Join!
Inventory #: 5594

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