War / Propaganda

Prints Per Page:

Phil Frank, Pat Paulsen for President
Artist: Phil Frank
Title: Pat Paulsen for President
Inventory #: 11515

M. Fucci, Roma Un Milione
Artist: M. Fucci
Title: Roma Un Milione
Inventory #: 2420

F. Kenwood Giles, These are unfashionable ...
Artist: F. Kenwood Giles
Title: These are unfashionable ...
Inventory #: 12794


Grace Golden, Keep The Gangway Clear
Artist: Grace Golden
Title: Keep The Gangway Clear
Inventory #: 12792

Grace Golden, It's Dangerous to Distract
Artist: Grace Golden
Title: It's Dangerous to Distract
Inventory #: 12791

L. Golovanov, Russian Lennin Unify the Souls of Army/  People
Artist: L. Golovanov
Title: Russian Lennin Unify the Souls of Army/ People
Inventory #: 13008


Gordon Grant, Jobs for Fighters
Artist: Gordon Grant
Title: Jobs for Fighters
Inventory #: 9226

Willy Hanke, Deutsche Lufthansa Schnell Zum Ziel
Artist: Willy Hanke
Title: Deutsche Lufthansa Schnell Zum Ziel
Inventory #: 13013

Hansi, Defense Nationale
Artist: Hansi
Title: Defense Nationale
Inventory #: 9504


Pat Keely, Replace Guard
Artist: Pat Keely
Title: Replace Guard
Inventory #: 12789

Paul Langelle, L'Armee de L'Air
Artist: Paul Langelle
Title: L'Armee de L'Air
Inventory #: 13188

Auguste Leroux, 3e Emprunt
Artist: Auguste Leroux
Title: 3e Emprunt
Inventory #: 9218

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