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Jacques & Pierre Bellenger, Cycles Favor Motos (L)
Artist: Jacques & Pierre Bellenger
Title: Cycles Favor Motos (L)
Inventory #: 9557

Boyle, Honda Motorycle
Artist: Boyle
Title: Honda Motorycle
Inventory #: 12381

Boyle, Honda (750 cc)  Motorcycles (blue)
Artist: Boyle
Title: Honda (750 cc) Motorcycles (blue)
Inventory #: 12380


Boyle, Honda (Red) Motorcycle
Artist: Boyle
Title: Honda (Red) Motorcycle
Inventory #: 12379

Roger Cartier, Motoconfort Hutchinson
Artist: Roger Cartier
Title: Motoconfort Hutchinson
Inventory #: 11384

Alfred Choubrac, Cycles DeCauville
Artist: Alfred Choubrac
Title: Cycles DeCauville
Inventory #: 9971


Emile Clouet, Raleigh bicyclettes
Artist: Emile Clouet
Title: Raleigh bicyclettes
Inventory #: 10339

L Corrois, Manufacture de Bicyclettes
Artist: L Corrois
Title: Manufacture de Bicyclettes
Inventory #: 11752

Fernand Fernel, Georges Richard Cycles
Artist: Fernand Fernel
Title: Georges Richard Cycles
Inventory #: 6899


Henri Gray, Hurtu Bicycles and Automobiles
Artist: Henri Gray
Title: Hurtu Bicycles and Automobiles
Inventory #: 9976

Rene Gruau, Bemberg
Artist: Rene Gruau
Title: Bemberg
Inventory #: 6375

Ludwig Hohlwein, Adler Fahrräder
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Adler Fahrräder
Inventory #: 10156

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