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Signed, Birds of Avalon
Artist: Signed
Title: Birds of Avalon
Inventory #: 13529

Signed, Dia de la Sardana
Artist: Signed
Title: Dia de la Sardana
Inventory #: 12097

Signed, El Empastre Autentica Banda
Artist: Signed
Title: El Empastre Autentica Banda
Inventory #: 12156


Signed, Flat Stock
Artist: Signed
Title: Flat Stock
Inventory #: 13526

Signed, Marcy Playground
Artist: Signed
Title: Marcy Playground
Inventory #: 13530

Signed, Yvonne Blanc (Decca Records)
Artist: Signed
Title: Yvonne Blanc (Decca Records)
Inventory #: 12233


Waldemar Swierzy, Wes Montgomery 1923- 1968
Artist: Waldemar Swierzy
Title: Wes Montgomery 1923- 1968
Inventory #: 9281

Guy Turpin, Pray for the Lights to Go Out
Artist: Guy Turpin
Title: Pray for the Lights to Go Out
Inventory #: 9298

Randy Tuten, Laughter, Love & Music
Artist: Randy Tuten
Title: Laughter, Love & Music
Inventory #: 13648


Yves Vacarisas, Disques Import Clementine
Artist: Yves Vacarisas
Title: Disques Import Clementine
Inventory #: 13426

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