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Anonymous Artists, Chocolat SUCHARD
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Chocolat SUCHARD
Inventory #: 13712

Anonymous Artists, Luigi de Giusti Padova
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Title: Luigi de Giusti Padova
Inventory #: 12585

V. Bocchino, Lefevre-Utile Lu Lu
Artist: V. Bocchino
Title: Lefevre-Utile Lu Lu
Inventory #: 8028


Leonetto Cappiello, Chocolat Klaus
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Title: Chocolat Klaus
Inventory #: 13698

Di Lullo, API Voghera - Cioccolato
Artist: Di Lullo
Title: API Voghera - Cioccolato
Inventory #: 10645

Jean D'Ylen, Chocolat Pupier
Artist: Jean D'Ylen
Title: Chocolat Pupier
Inventory #: 13654


Ludwig Hohlwein, Jgeha Schoko!
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Jgeha Schoko!
Inventory #: 10190

Ludwig Hohlwein, Karnatzki Schokolade
Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein
Title: Karnatzki Schokolade
Inventory #: 10140

Paul Igert, Chocolat Fortin
Artist: Paul Igert
Title: Chocolat Fortin
Inventory #: 11905


Otto Landolt, Pilatus (Switzerland)
Artist: Otto Landolt
Title: Pilatus (Switzerland)
Inventory #: 3437

Artist: Betto Lotti
Inventory #: 14240

Maga, G. Loreti
Artist: Maga
Title: G. Loreti
Inventory #: 8734

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