Paul Lehr

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Lehr left us a large legacy of work. From covers of popular magazines such as Playboy, Time, and Life, to book covers and movie posters, comic and sci-fi art.

The following write-up, written by Bob Eggleton was found online at this address:

Paul Lehr, a legendary name in Sf art passed away at 2:50 am EST on Tuesday morning,July 28th [1998], of Pancreatic cancer.

Lehr was the true embodiment of Sf ''art'' and not just ''illustration'' as his incomparable work allowed the viewer to return for multiple times and walk away having been told a new story each instance. Lehr's work was prominent in the l960s with classic covers to Bantam's early SF line. One painting was selected by then-editor Fredrik Pohl who liked it so much, he found a book for it. In the l970's Lehr's work grew into more commercial venues with movie posters and such. It was at this time, his work for the covers of ANALOG got him several Hugo Nominations for Best Professional Artist. Sadly, he never won any.

He did a prolific amount of work. Never repeating himself. Always familiar and different at the same time. As well as commercial work he was an accomplished sculptor working in wood, a difficult medium. In the l980s Lehr's commercial works grew less due to his desire to do more fine art sculptures. He has worked in recent years for TOR Books and Algis Budry's TOMORROW magazine. At a l992 Lunacon he was AGoH and floored everyone with not only his work, but the amount of it. I remember him selling almost everything he had simply because he could do something for everyone with every budget. And all of it, was beautiful work, tiny sketch or massive painting.

In June he developed early symptoms of the disease, tests revealed the sad truth and he declined any chemotherapy feeling this would only lengthen the suffering. He died peacefully, with his family at his side.

I knew Paul personally. He was truly one of the ''old guard'' in the field of not just Sf, but illustration. He knew the fundamentals so as to practice what he preached, as the saying goes. On top of all this he was one of the kindest and giving people I have ever met with regard to advice to new artists. I remember him saying ''Every artist should follow their own star!'' and not simply imitate other artists. And how right he is. He had a warm smile and the eyes of an artist, and, always a cheerful thing to say in this age of cynicism.

And Paul's Star will shine on forever. His legacy will live forever, and he will be deeply missed.