Lawrence Beall Smith

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            Lawrence Beall Smith was born in Washington, D. C., 1909.  He graduated from the University of Chicago; received his art training nights at Chicago Art Institute, during summers at Gloucester and under Hopkinson and Zimmerman of Boston. His work has been featured in the International Exhibition of Lithography and Wood Engraving at the Chicago Art Institute.  The artist is also represented in permanent collections of Herron Art Institute, Harvard University, Addison Gallery, University of Minnesota, Sheldon Swope Art Gallery, and many private collections. Smith also served as art instructor for city schools, Boston.
           In 1942, shortly after America's entry into the war, he created ''Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them,'' first of a long series of War Bond posters accepted by the United States Government as gifts from Abbott Laboratories and adopted for official use.  He was accredited as a war artist-correspondent for Abbott in 1943, and spent nearly three months aboard one of America's largest aircraft carriers, both in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, creating pictures of carrier-based operations for the Abbott Collection of Naval Aviation Paintings. On completion of this commission, he flew to England to await the Invasion of the Continent, and spent the time meanwhile depicting various phases of aviation medicine for the Abbott Army medical painting project. On historic June 6, impatient after a stay of many months in England, he crossed the Channel with the medical unit of an early contingent to picture the treatment of the wounded for the same project. His work in this connection is of great historic and artistic interest.