BALLY LYON, Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist   Leonetto Cappiello - View Bio
Date Of Work   1933
Dimensions   44.5" x 61"
Notes   "A year after Cappiello created this slick poster for BALLY, a contemporary critic used it as an example of the artist's mastery in giving utilitarian objects special treatment: 'Even for Bally, where two different shoes are pictured, Cappiello can't limit himself to a strict interpretation. His subtle imagination doesn't give us the shoes on feet; with unequaled elegance, he places the man's oxford on a silken palm and holds the narrow heel of the woman's pump in his fingers as if it were a work of art' (Pierre Gueguin in Cappiello, pp 154-5). Another version [1934] exists without the second line of text" [PAI-XXX, 438]
Note: The text beneath BALLY LYON reads "Le Meilleur Marche par la qualite" --The best quality buy.

About BALLY: In 1850, Carl F. Bally, a poor, small-town maker of men's braces, came to Paris to sell his latest line. His wife had asked him to buy a pair of shoes for her there, but having forgotten to ask her size, he picked up several pairs in assorted sizes. Back home, he found that he could sell off the unneeded ones easily, and so he tried his hand at making women's shoes--and came up with one of the most successful businesses in its line. A conscientious craftsman, Bally always looked on each shoe as a work of art--and Cappiello displays it with the same reverence.
[Jack Rennert, CAPPIELLO, 515]

This poster has been archivally mounted on linen. It was removed from tin, and has been restored in several areas. Because of the varnish that was applied to the surface over 70 years ago (to save the poster from weather and bugs), the once white background is now a tuscan gold.
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