Barbisio Dog, Mingozzi Studio

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Artist   Mingozzi Studio - View Bio
Title   Barbisio Dog
Date Of Work   1948
Dimensions   16" x 24.5"
Notes   Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.
Ref: PAI-XL, 410; PAI XLII, 379
"Through the image of this sleek Art Deco Westie coming upon a Barbisio fedora during the course of its daily rounds is undeniably adorable, it is the company's slogan - "One Name - One Marque - One Guarantee" - that delivers the hard promotional evidence. Mingozzi was a Bolognese graphic artist of great importance, who in addition to creating anumber of highly original prosters, founded the ATLA advertising agency, a firm that produced a remarkable number of posters during the 1920 and '30s." (PAI XL II, 379)
Lithografie Artistiche Faentine.
The most famous name in hats in Italy has always been Borsalino. Its largest competitor was a company called Barbisio, located in near sagliano mica, a small village about 20 minutes north of Biella, where the finest woolen mills produce the most luxurious woven cloth in the world. isyllic . Barbisio fell on hard times during the 1980s, and by decade's end had to liquidate its equipment and close its factory.
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