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Artist   Anton Erhardt - View Bio
Date Of Work   c. 1935
Dimensions   9.5 X 12.75
Notes   Original 1930 small format lithograph of the Zbrojovka Strakonic motorcycles. Great artdeco design of a motorcycle and rider going uphill with a white Pegasus white winged stallion flying along with the rider.
The upper right corner in the blue area has a crack along the edge but the master image of this rare poster is in great shape. Rare.

Either the artist or the printing company is AE Milton. Therefore we have currently listed the poster as anonymous artist.
Production of motor-driven bicycles started in 1932. Three years later the first motorcycles made in Strakonice entered the market. This marked the beginning of an era of great success for the CZ brand. In a short time the company became the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles in Czechoslovakia. Like most large industrial enterprises this stock company was nationalized in 1946. Due to the post-war political situation, arms production in the Strakonice plant was ended. In 1948 CZ Motorcycles merged with its main rival, Jawa. The motorcycle could be the CZ 250 Tourist or the CZ 500
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