Your Scrap ... Brought it down, Steve Broder

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Artist   Steve Broder - View Bio
Title   Your Scrap ... Brought it down
Date Of Work   1942
Dimensions   28.5 x 40"
Notes   Original, linen backed World War II, YOUR SCRAP.. Brought it down. Keep scrapping. Rubber, Metal, Rags. Give to a collector. Salvage depot or sell to a dealer. 1942-0-471454. The vintage original war poster features a German Nazi war plane engulfed in flames on its way to crashing to the ground.

U.S. Recycling in WWII
With shortages in basic materials during World War II, the government appealed to the public to collect and donate certain items. These included most types of metal, kitchen fat, newspapers, rags and products made out of rubber. The items were then to be recycled into weapons and other items necessary for the war effort.
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