Le Nil- Je Ne Fume Que le Nil, Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist   Leonetto Cappiello - View Bio
Title   Le Nil- Je Ne Fume Que le Nil
Date Of Work   circa 1912
Dimensions   62.5" x 46.5"
Notes   Original; linen backed, mint Cappiello "Je Ne Fume que LE NIL" Although the slogan reads "I only smoke Nil" Nil isn't actually a cigarette, but rather a brand of cigarette rolling paper. Nil claimed to be as "tough as an elephant's hide," which is how the company's mascot came to be. So this was an easy marriage between product and posterist, seeing as the elephant was a favorite Cappiello attention-getter. The Joseph Bardou company introduced Nil to the public in 1887. [PAI-XLI, 141]
Though Cappiello was born in Italy, he did all his major poster work in France. This is one of his more famous images. The former Joseph Bardou factory in Angouleme is now the Angouleme Paper Museum.
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