La Montagne, Robert Falcucci

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Artist   Robert Falcucci - View Bio
Title   La Montagne
Date Of Work   1935
Dimensions   30 x 45
Notes   La Montagne. Created by the artist Falcucci who was made famous for his 1930's Monaco Racing posters, this original La Montagne is linen backed and in good condition. Red, White, And Blue men are shown reading the La Montage as their images are stair cased back in this image. La Montagne is a French newspaper created in 1919. It was distributed above all in the center region of France. "Ecrit pour tous La par tous" Every day Chaque Jour with 10 - 12 pages. To convey the message that this daily newspaper is "written for every one, read by everyone", the three silhouettes from disparate walks of life bear appropriately nationalistic tonality - a perfectly condenses, perfectly designed message.
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