Bob Dylan, Milton Glaser

Artist   Milton Glaser - View Bio
Title   Bob Dylan
Date Of Work   1966
Dimensions   20 x 31.50
Notes   Original Bob Dylan. Professionally acid free linen backed with and all original fold marks restored. Psychedelic poster of Bob Dylan created by the legendary Milton Glaser. (The artist Glaser: was born 26.6.1929 in New York. He studied (194851)at the Cooper Union Art School and
(195253), as a Fulbright scholar, attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy under Giorgio Morandi. )

The face in profile, blackened and looking down, the hair a color-pulsing mop of wavy ropes -- has been hailed as the ultimate expression of the psychedelic style in an American poster. This original poster was distributed with Mr. Dylan's ''Greatest Hits'' album of 1966. The 1966 posters were folded to fit inside an album cover. This poster is linen back with the original fold marks restored.

Certificate of Authenticity.

Ref: Glaser, p. 51; Muller-Brockman, 124; Advertising, P. 273; Hutchinson, 206; Johnson, 148, Modern Poster, 237; American Posters, 78; Images of an Era, 39.
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