Air France Planisphere, Lucien Boucher

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Artist   Lucien Boucher - View Bio
Title   Air France Planisphere
Date Of Work   1962
Dimensions   29 3/8" x 43"
Notes   Very rare, Original linen backed horizontal fomat planisphere created by Lucien Boucher. (number: ref 21.891/P/12-62).
In the early 1960's, Boucher went back to the planisphere genre with another perspective. One marked change is that the planishere is no longer 'flat' and suggest, through a circular movement around the North Pole, the roundness of the earth (1961). Then this poster, in 1962, the globe returns, blut slightly flattend. The number of airplanes has clearly increased (there are now three), just like the network, which has grown, and the shrimp has disappeared. This is the last planisphere created by Boucher. His era was over.
Shown on page 91 of the Air France book.
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