Boyriven, O. K. Gerard

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Artist   O. K. Gerard - View Bio
Title   Boyriven
Date Of Work   1932
Dimensions   19 x 26.5
Notes   Original linen backed 1932 Boyriven vintage poster stone lithograph.
This comical image shows a man and dog flying over the windshield of a car coming to a quick stop to keep from hitting a pig crossing the road. Above the car is an airplane and crusing along the tracks is a steam locomotive. Boyriven provides accessories for your automobile; trains, and airplanes.
established in 1913 has grown to become one of the UK's leading independent suppliers of Automotive, Marine & Contract Furniture trimming supplies.
Provided by the family: Ets Boyriven was a silk & fabrics manufacturer in the 18th century in Lyon, France. It established its Paris office in 1803 to supply accessories to horse drawn carriages and then cars, trains, aircrafts and boats. Ets Boyriven won 17 medals & prizes in various Universal World Exhibits of Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Lyon, Melbourne and Paris (1875, 1878 & 1889). Boyriven designed the interior of many luxury cars (Hispano Suiza, Duesenberg, Delage etc.). In the late 1800 and early 1900 Boyriven was the exclusive reseller of Michelin tires in several countries out of France. Later Boyriven had offices in many other cities including Bordeaux, London, Milan, Madrid, Oran, Alger, New York, etc...
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