Memories of Pan, Lenore Beran

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Artist   Lenore Beran - View Bio
Title   Memories of Pan
Date Of Work   1984
Dimensions   22" x 22"
Notes   Original.

Created by Lenore Béran, one of the foremost artists of American Western Art. Signed by the artist in both the plate and at the bottom right, the number of the series is also listed (629/1000), and the title is given "Memories of Pan". Printed on heavy watercolor paper, the exact date is given, 7-16-84. "Memories of Pan" can be two different terms. The first could be referring to the flute of the background's image of the man playing the flute. In the foreground a seated boy appears to be playing an instrument looking out directly at the viewer, attempting to portray the meaning of his song. The other possible meaning of the title "Memories of Pan" is pan-tribalism, or how one such certain cultural song or dance can spread through tribes and be connected or thought of as being associated with them. Whatever the case may be Béran has captured our attention again.
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