America Owes France, Lucien-Hector Jonas

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Artist   Lucien-Hector Jonas - View Bio
Title   America Owes France
Date Of Work   1918
Dimensions   32" x 23.5"
Notes   Original colored stone lithograph. Mounted on acid free archival linen. 1778-1783. America owes France the most unatlerable gratitude. 1917 French comrade your children shall be as our children American Ouvroir Funds. Imp. H. Chachoin, Paris. a soldier saluting the grave of another soldier. A weeping boy and a girl kneeling in prayer are at his sides. In the sky to the upper right there is a faint drawing of a row of soldiers standing guard and a commander on horseback. "VISE No. 12326" [visa censorship requirement number]
"American Ouvroir Funds. 681. Fifth Avenue. New-York. Annual Allowances for support and education of French War Orphans. Official Representative of the Following French war Orphan Societies - (1) Association Nationale Française pour la Protection des Familles des Morts pour la Patrie - (2) Assistance Mutuelle des Veuves de la Guerre - (3) Adoption des Orphelins de la Mer - (4) La Saint-Cyrienne - (5) La Bretagne - (6) La Réunion Amicale - (7) Oeuvre des Bourses - (8) Oeuvre Catholique de l'Éducation Secondaire des Orphelins de la Guerre - (9) Union Lorraine."--Printed at bottom of poster.
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