1980 Olympic Games Africa- Levi's Strauss Co., illegible

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Artist   illegible - View Bio
Title   1980 Olympic Games Africa- Levi's Strauss Co.
Date Of Work   1979
Dimensions   18 x 24
Notes   Original Olympic Games poster. Great condition. Another Great design with Africa going for the Gold! Produced by Levi (jeans). This imae has the map of Africa with one side being an archer shooting an arrow while the track and field contestants are poised for the start. Excellent condition original.
This series of six posters was produced by Levi-Strauss, the at-that-time San Francisco blue-jeans manufacturer, to support a 1979 promotion titled "Levi's Olympic Opportunity Sweepstakes." Each poster emphasized the sport associated with one of the six continents.
When the U.S. pulled out of the Moscow event to protest the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, Levi's abandoned the promotion. With only a trial run of each poster printed and these never distributed, the images have become extremely rare-in fact, they are practically unknown even to collectors of Olympic memorabilia.
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