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Major Esterhazy, Jean Baptiste Guth

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Artist   Jean Baptiste Guth - View Bio
Title   Major Esterhazy
Date Of Work   1898
Dimensions   10 x 15
Notes   ESTERHAZY Major. His family came from Hungary. In military uniform. Born 1857. Son of a Hungarian Count who had become a General in the Army of France. Involved in a duel and the Dreyfus affair. Colored

A French painter and caricaturist, Jean Baptiste Guth first came to England in 1883. His first portrait for 'Vanity Fair' was produced in 1889, and until 1908, he was a regular contributor to the publication. In general, Jean Baptiste Guth's portraits are more studied and less satirical than any other 'Vanity Fair' artist.
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Inventory Number   VF-05261898