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Bretagne et Normandie, Constant Duval

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Artist   Constant Duval - View Bio
Title   Bretagne et Normandie
Date Of Work   C. 1910
Dimensions   29" x 41"
Notes   Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

Chemins de Fer de L'Etat
Bretagne et Normandie
Voyages a Prix Reduits
Posterist Duval has created a scene that could be either Bretagne or Normandy. This quiet country scene lets the viewer enjoy not only part of the visual beauty, but also Duval conveys the relaxed atmosphere, in these two regions of France. This French National Railway poster gives a view from a river bank of an old stone bridge and turrets that are the entrance to a small village. Over the bridge, charming thatched roof cottages spread along a hill. Upon the bridge a couple strolls taking in the beauty of there surroundings. Sunlight cascades down upon the town, and lights up part of the leaves on a large tree on the right side. The sunlight as well happens a top the tips of the turrets. The entire scene is muddied, as if slightly out of focus which allows us to add in our own specific details, which makes Bretagne and Normandy our own.
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