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Champagne Delbeck Reims, Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist   Leonetto Cappiello - View Bio
Title   Champagne Delbeck Reims
Date Of Work   circa 1902
Dimensions   38" x 54.5"
Notes   "In a typically exuberant Cappiello moment, this stunning charmer winces prettily as she pops the cork of a Champagne Delbeck bottle. The business was started in 1832 by the scion of a Flemish banking family, Frederic-Desire Delbeck. The business remains in the family today (a rarity in the world of champagne) and the company remains very art conscious in its promotions. In the late 19th century, some of the artists the company hired to design its labels, advertisements and posters included Klimt, Mucha, Galle, Erte, Andreis, Chalon and Tristan Bernard." [Cappiello, Rennert, p. 58]
Fabulous condition, linen backed. Though blue and red are often found in the older advertising posters, the use of orange in this poster is wholly unique and striking. Vintage posters purchases are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Excellent condition. Rare.
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