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Help Crush the Menace of the Seas, J.L. Grosse

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Artist   J.L. Grosse - View Bio
Title   Help Crush the Menace of the Seas
Date Of Work   WW1
Dimensions   18.5" x 27"
Notes   Similar to "loose lips sink ships" this original linen backed war poster shows a man's arm holding a bayonet rising from the water. Rare war poster, excellent condition.
Help crush the menace of the seas
Buy liberty bonds: buy quickly: buy freely
Artist: J. L. Grosse, 1918
Rainbow Division Special Liberty Loan Committee
Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.75 inches
Published NY: O'Connor-Fyffe, Adv.
Poster contributed by Coak, Suit and Skirt Industry Committee.
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