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To-Day   (Today), Dudley Hardy

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Artist   Dudley Hardy - View Bio
Title   To-Day (Today)
Date Of Work   1897
Dimensions   8 5/8" x 12 3/8"
Notes   Original Les Affiches Etrangeres illustrees. Presented in a 20" x 16" acid free archival museum mat. Dudley Hardy \"The prolific English artist Dudley Hardy...really introduced the colour poster to England... His posters are strongly derivative of Cheret\'s. Like Cheret he appreciated the advertising value of sex appeal, and his recurring subjects are legs, tutu\'s, frou-frous and legs again. The range of expression and antic is between a frisky insouciance and a brassier glamour\" (Rennert, PAI-XXIX, 397)

G. Boudet, Editeur. Justification du triage. No. 281 a 1050 sur papier velin. Printed on fine vellum paper stock in 1897.
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