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Fight or Buy Bonds (S), Howard Chandler Christy

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Artist   Howard Chandler Christy - View Bio
Title   Fight or Buy Bonds (S)
Date Of Work   1917
Dimensions   20 x 30
Notes   One of the most famous and powerful WW1 propaganda images, this flag waving Ms. Liberty (aka Columbia) poster is unusual in that it urged both recruitment and bond sales. The US had just entered the war when this poster appeared and it is one of the earliest examples of myriad illustrations that were used to motivate both troops and the American public. It's designer, Howard Chandler Christy, was at the height of his fame. He earned his spurs as a wartime artist when he accompanied US troops to Cuba in 1898, an experience that stood him in good stead when he was called on to create his famed series of patriotic WW1 posters. Most WW1 posters were issued in several size formats. We have only seen two sizes for this poster.
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