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Tour Metallique, F.  Hugo d'Alesi

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Artist   F. Hugo d'Alesi - View Bio
Title   Tour Metallique
Date Of Work   1894
Dimensions   28.5" x 41.25"
Notes   Tour Metallique de Fourvieres. Original. This is a sensational image from Hugo d'Alesi, a very talented posterist. The image is `very 3-dimensional, rich with detail. This poster has been archivally linen-mounted.
This example is Lyon, Tour Metallique de Fourvières. Panorama de la Ville et de ses Enviorns. Vue de Mont-Blanc des Alpes et des Cévennes. This poster is typical of the artist's work. Among the designers who did travel posters, d'Alesi was not only the most prolific, but, according to French poster expert Alain Weill, also the most meticulous; to get just the right shading or minute detail of the scene, he insisted on making the printer use more plates than customary---sometimes as many as twenty. The results, however, are truly spectacular.
Update: no. 8273 Tour Metallique, /small Eiffel tower, by Eiffel, too/, Lyon, by Alési, is from 1894 when this construction was finished /curiously, for many years it´s not used as lookout tower, but just for TV etc. Transimission. Update is from: Petr Štembera
curator of poster and painting collections
Museum of Decorative Arts
Czech Rep.
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