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La Loe Fuller, Jules Cheret

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Artist   Jules Cheret - View Bio
Title   La Loe Fuller
Date Of Work   1896
Dimensions   8 5/8" x 12.25"
Notes   Original. Les Affiches Illustrees. Presented in a 20" x 16" acid free museum mat.
Loie Fuller was a magic spectacle in turn-of-the-century Paris, a dancer with a unique act, simple in conception but dazzling in execution, in which she draped herself in yards of shimmering, gauzy fabric and swirled around on the stage illuminated by many-coloured spotlights. The result was an iridescent phantasmagoria which fascinated Paris and the rest of Europe for years, made Miss Fuller a major celebrity, and created a whole school of dancing with emphasis on visual effects- [Posters of the Belle poque]
Please note that this is not a maitre. It is from a smaller format series called "Les Affiches Illustrees"
The Illustration series was something Cheret contributed to the 'Courrier Francais,' a lively 12-page weekly magazine, started in 1894. It championed the work of many leading posterists. (Rennert XXVII, 347)
Illustree images are approximately 3/4 of the size of the same images in the Maitre de L'Affiche format. Illustree images are usually priced at approximately 80% the value of comparable images from the Maitres series.
Original lithograph from "Les Affiches Illustrees" series. Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris, 1896.
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